Brazilian Butt LiftBrazilian Butt Lift increases your booty with your own body fat! One of the natural ways to have a well-formed rear or butt is by transferring one’s own body fat to the buttocks. Brazilian Butt lift is the technique which involves removing fat from different body areas such as flanks or thighs by liposuction and transferring this fat to the buttocks to give an attractive derrière. The double benefit of Brazilian butt lift is that the procedure involves liposuctioning excessive fat from other body areas, thus giving those areas a more aesthetic look, and also adds more volume to the buttocks, thus helping a woman attain that perfect curvaceous and shapely figure.

Why is butt lift a popular plastic surgery?

The reason this surgery has gained popularity is that the person is putting her own body fat to better use, which is more appealing to many women than using an implant or a foreign body. It also gives a natural feel and has no risk of rejection or allergies. If you have relatively large fat deposits around abdomen, thighs, hips and other parts of the body and would like to have a more prominent rear, you are a good candidate for Brazilian butt lift. This procedure creates the most natural results and has the lowest complication rate of any of the techniques. It is a double win situation for the patient, who is able to get rid of extra fat from other parts of the body while enhancing the buttocks.

Brazilian Butt LiftOne factor to keep in mind is that you need to have realistic expectations from the surgery. The buttocks can only be augmented to a certain size and shape due to several limiting factors. Dr. Cortés has been carrying out this procedure successfully and to the full satisfaction of his patients. Being a very sensitive person with aesthetic taste, he considers the individual needs of his patients and makes them aware of the procedure and the expected results.

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  1. AmyRose🌹

    Seriousy? Once you touch your body with any surgery it is NEVER the same and you are also setting yourself up for problems. What is it going to take for all of us to accept ourselves as is? Or better yet start exercising to get that Brazian Butt? I had it when I was serious with free weights. Now with the aging gracefully process going on, my body still is gorgeous, even with the changes of time. I am an RN and KNOW what I am talking about regarding surgery. Just sayin’.

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