vertical breast reduction technique

The breast is one of the most sensuous parts of the feminine body. This part of a woman’s body makes her very appealing and attractive, but if the bust grows out of proportion or is very heavy, it can be a cause of concern as it not only creates physical discomfort but can even be very disturbing emotionally. Women who have heavy breasts often complain of neck, back, or shoulder pain. In a vertical breast reduction technique, part of the breast tissue is removed to reduce the weight of the breast. This results in breasts with a smaller, lighter, more pleasing appearance.

All surgeries carry the risk of complications. During or after breast surgery, problems like infection, bleeding or reaction to anesthesia may occur. Immediately after surgery there may be some pain, which can usually be treated by pain medications. If the pain is more severe, additional follow-up visits may be scheduled. Some common side effects seen after this surgery are:

Loss of Breast and Nipple Sensation

Surgery may escalate the chances of nerve damage or curtailed blood supply to the breast or the nipple. If this takes place, sensation can be lost temporarily or permanently in areas of the breast or nipple or both.

vertical breast reduction techniqueBreast Asymmetry

Another possible side effect is that the breasts may not be symmetrical in size and shape after surgery. Also, the nipple may not be sited properly, or the nipples may not be the same height. During the procedure, the surgeon must remove a significant portion of tissue and move the nipple while the patient is in a lying position. Instead of ending this section this way, how about adding: “Precise symmetry is not guaranteed, just as it is not likely to be found naturally.

Permanent Scarring

Another side effect of breast reduction operation is that it does leave permanent scars on the breasts. The vertical and horizontal scars are most visible, and scars remain after the breast is completely healed.

Dr. Cortés, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Houston, Texas,can answer your questions about breast reduction procedures and the risks involved. He has a decade-plus experience in the cosmetic field and has performed many breast reduction surgeries. With his advanced surgical skills and aesthetic sense, Dr. Cortés performs the most intricate surgeries with ease.

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