hourglass body

Women’s obsession with their bodies is not new. In the quest to achieve an enviable body, women around the world have followedmany bizarre practices, and history proves it. If we go back in time we can see traditions around the worldthatused strange methods to attain a particular standard of beauty. For example, look at the Chinese who once wore binding, even crippling, shoes to have tiny feet orat the waist-cinching corsets of 16th to 19th century European fashion.

To get the hourglass body, celebs, models, and singers are becoming waist-training zealots. But this training isn’t about sweating it out in the gym or following any other exercise regimen. It is all about wearing a tight corseting device. Actress Jessica Alba admitted wearing not one but two corsets after giving birth to get back to her pre-pregnancy shape. This fad has now extended to all women who want to have a smaller waist in a short time. While waist-cinching might be the fastest way to get a tiny waist, doctors have another take on it. According to experts, this might be the fastest way but the results are temporary. Also, there are some concerns about the health hazards it can cause if used for long periods of time.

hourglass body

Although waist training has its role, with advances in the cosmetic surgery there are options to achieve an hourglass figure that do not compromisesafety. One of the names in this field is Dr. Wilberto Cortés, also known as Dr. Hourglass, who has made a mark for himself in this field with his technical efficiency and finesse.

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