Breast Reduction Technique

Risks are a part of any surgery and complete loss of nipple or areola tissue is one such condition that can arise after breast reduction surgery. This well-known complication of Breast Reduction Technique surgery can happen even in the hands of the best, most experienced board-certified plastic surgeons. Although surgeons make every effort to minimize the risks involved in the procedure that does not rule out the chances for a snag.

The reason for nipple/areolar complex necrosis is often a multi-factorial one. In other words, many individual factors or sometimes a combination of factors may cause this uncommon but well-recognized problem. Nipple necrosis is more likely to occur in smokers or patients with long pedicles.

Breast Reduction TechniqueHow is the complication managed? Initially the nipple area should be treated with wet-to-dry dressings, and you must allow the breast to settle down. After the critical phase is over, please consult your surgeon regarding a further course of action.Reconstruction of the affected area may be required. It is important to trust your surgeon and follow the guidelines suggested, as this will help in resolving this complication.

Dr. Cortés is very sensitive to such problems. He understand patients’ needs and the emotional turmoil they go through when they opt for such a surgery, so he gives personal attention to his patients throughout the procedure and as needed during recovery.

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