Tightness After Tummy Tuck

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Some patients have the misconception that a tummy tuck will provide them with a very tight abdomen.   A tummy tuck procedure basically removes excess skin you may have either because of weight loss or pregnancy. It also removes excess fat. Finally, the abdominal muscles are repaired to provide a smaller waist and a flatter abdomen. I perform hundreds of tummy tucks a year. I have developed a technique called the hourglass tummy tuck, which gives best curves and shape to the body as compared to the traditional tummy tuck.

Through the years, I have learned a lot from my patients about their perception of what a tummy tuck provides in terms of how tight their abdomen will be. When surgery is performed, the excess skin is removed,but how tight the abdomen will be is determined mainly by the skin tone, or resilience. This varies significantly from patient to patient. Stretch marks are a sign that a patient’s skin is less able to regain its shape after being stretched than inpatients without stretch marks. Genetics also determines the level of tightness of the abdominal skin area. Patients need to understand that the tummy tuck procedure will certainly give them a tighter abdomen, but results will vary from one patient to another.

Best Curves

For example, if you have excess skin and very good skin tone, once the surgeon removes the excess skin and pulls the abdominal flap down, it will be extremely tight. On the other hand, if you have excess skin and poor skin tone, the skin will be tight, but not as much. This is particularly true of patients who have lost a lot of weight or have been pregnant with very large babies. In other words, the tummy tuck will tighten your abdomen relative to your skin tone before surgery.

The result (how tight your abdominal wall is likely to be) will be assessed by your surgeon and he will be able to give you a realistic picture. I have seen multiple patients coming to my clinic with concern that when they bend forward a little bit of skin gets bunched. This is absolutely normal because skin is elastic. Even after a tummy tuck, do not expect your skin not to bunch when you flex your abdomen. You need to be practical about what a tummy tuck will provide you.

For further details about the tummy tuck, please visit the website http://www.hourglasstummytuck.com.


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