Full tummy tuck

Everyone opting for a tummy tuck wants a flat, washboard abdomen without a scar. This is not possible because along with the flat tummy comes a scar. Many surgeons try to reassure prospective patients that the scar will be very low and the person will be able to flaunt a low cut bikini. Patients routinely come to my office with the impression that they can get a mini tummy tuck and minimize their scar. When it comes to a tummy tuck, the surgeon will try to get you the best results, but the patient needs to understand that there will be a scar, and its length will depend on many factors.

The length of the scar is determined mainly by how much excess skin the patient has and how much fat is in and around the abdomen. If you have a lot of excess skin that goes from hip to hip, you can anticipate having a scar that goes from hip to hip or maybe a little bit longer to avoid dog ears. I always try to put the scar as low as possible, but again this is going to be determined by the technique of the full tummy tuck that we must follow in order to provide what you need. The patient needs to be emotionally and psychologically prepared to have a long scar.

full tummy tuck

Surgeons can give you a good result including a flatter, tighter abdomen and a very nice shape, but the overall result depends on a number of anatomical factors that you possess. Consult with your surgeon. Discuss with him your concerns regarding the location of the scar and the different types of tummy tuck. Together you can decide which technique will provide you with the best shape possible.


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