Breast Enhancement Houston

The breast is a symbol of femininity in a woman. Many women who wish to enhance, regain, or restore balance to their figures opt for breast augmentation, which is also known as breast enlargement, mammoplasty or breast implants. Breast lift is a common method used for improving the breasts’ outline and firmness. With new methods it is convenient for patients to choose the kind of breast enhancement they desire. Fat injections are the latest technique to enter the cosmetic world. Fat injections are used extensively by plastic surgeons to carry out different aesthetic procedures.

Breast Augmentation surgeries can now be combined with fat injection procedure to improve the normal look of the breasts, even without using implants.Skillful use of fat injections can give breasts a smooth and more natural feel as compared to silicone or saline breast implantsalone. Fat injections can also be used as an alternative to breast implants.

Breast Enhancement Houston

How does fat injection work?

Dr. Cortés, a board certified plastic surgeon, performs the surgery by taking fat from different part of the body, such as the thighs, buttocks, or tummy and then injecting it into the breasts to improve their look. Breast Enhancement Houston procedure is ideal for someone who is over 30 years of age or a person with decreased elasticity in the chest area or women who have undergone multiple pregnancies. If a woman wants a natural looking breast without the use of implants, then fat injection is an excellent option.

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