Breast Augmentation Houston

Planning a plastic or cosmetic surgery requires a lot of contemplation because the outcome of the surgery defines your personality and confidence. If you decide to undergo a surgery it is advisable to discuss the procedure, with all its pros and cons, with your board certified plastic surgeon, as his advice will help you make correct decisions. Breast Augmentation Houston surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgeries, but like any other surgery it has its limitations.

When deciding on implants it is very important to pay attention to aspects like- size, location of incision, implant under or over the muscle and whether to go for smooth walled breast implants or textured breast implants.

To comprehend the pros and cons of textured versus smooth-walled implants, it is important to understand and be familiar with a condition known as capsular contractual. When any type of foreign body is inserted, the body reacts by developing a defensive lining around it. This linings referred to as a capsule. This is normal and happens to everyone irrespective of whether the breast implant is smooth or textured, silicone or saline. This wall is generally soft, thin, supple, and unable to be felt. But in some patients, for unknown reasons, the capsule is thicker than normal and has a propensity to contract and tighten around the implant.

Differences Between Textured and Smooth Breast Implants

Smooth breast implants have an outer silicone rubber shell, which is very smooth, glossy and slippery. Smooth implants do not attach to the surrounding body tissue and are freely movable within the tissue membrane or sack that forms around the implant, called the capsule.

Breast augmentation Houston

Textured breast implants have an outer silicone rubber shell with a rough, gravelly, uneven surface almost like soft rubber sand paper. Textured implants attach to the tissue capsule around them and are less likely to move.

Textured breast implants are known to leak and ripple more often than smooth implants, but textured implants don’t become displaced nearly as often. The textured implants cost somewhat more than smooth implants do, so that might factor into your decision if you’re deciding which implants to pursue. Do discuss the choice of implant with your surgeon, who will be able to advise you correctly and give you all the information required to make up your mind.

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