Breast Lift Surgery/Mastopexy

Breast Lift Houston

Breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, is performed for women with moderate to severe sagging of breasts to raise them and create a firmerlook. Itis an aesthetic plastic surgery procedure commonly performed worldwide. Typically, in breast lift surgery, the breast tissue is tightened and loose skin is removed. An implant may or may not be used. The size of the areola is also reduced in most cases.

Who Can Undergo a Breast Lift?

Most breast lifts are performed for women who have lost breast volume after cessation of breastfeeding. Massive weight loss can also cause breast volume reduction and sagging. In cases where the sagging is mild, addition of volume alone by inserting a breast implant will be sufficient to make the breast firmer and larger.

Methods of Breast Lift/Mastopexy

Breast uplift can be achieved through different surgical techniques. Broadly, there are two kinds.The first is the periareolar technique, which uses an incision around the area only. Periareolar Breast Lift Houston techniques are useful in mild to moderate breast sagging. The second is the short scar vertical breast lift technique, which utilizes incisions around the areola as well as a vertical line downwards from the areola in the breast meridian. Vertical mastopexies are most commonly performed for breast lifting. The appropriate technique in each case will be chosen after a clinical assessment and discussion with you.

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